What We Do

Funanani was founded as an organisation in 1998 and in 2003 registered as a charitable trust to reach out to the poor and break the cycle of poverty.  Today we operate 3 centres in the Tshwane district, offering different programmes that focus on young children, the youth, their families and the surrounding community.  We believe that by embracing the children, we are changing communities!


  • To operate centres in the greater Tshwane community from which programmes can be run.
  • To mobilise volunteers to become involved at grassroots level with children, families and communities in need.
  • To source and co-ordinate the distribution of resources.
  • To facilitate reconciliation across racial boundaries.



To contribute towards empowering impoverished communities to self-sufficiency.

Funanani’s programmes focus primarily on the child first and then the family of the child, thus affecting communities

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