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become-involvedWe need partners to take our hands.  Without support and involvement, we will not be able to render the services that we do.  You can get involved in 3 ways:



You can enable us to do the work, by making a donation towards Funanani.  We can issue a Section 18(a) certificate for tax exemption purposes for all donations made.  Please complete the online form should you want your donation contributing towards a specific cause within Funanani.


* Donation


We know that everybody is not always in contact with the poorest of the poor.  We do however have an initiative where you can sponsor a food parcel for a family in crisis.  You are welcome to complete the online form on the Find Us page, and we will send you a debit order form.



Within the initiatives of Funanani, we are always appreciative of people lending their time and their hands to our programmes.  You are welcome to volunteer as an individual, a group of friends or colleagues, or even as an initiative from your company.  We try our best to match your time availability, talents and gifts with the needs in the programmes.  Complete the online form on the Find Us page, and we will get back to you with more information on how to get involved as a volunteer.

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